How to Setup a Facebook Marketing Campaign


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Running an effective Facebook marketing campaign can be highly rewarding for your business. However, setting up an effective Facebook marketing campaign requires more than the basic knowledge. You need to make sure that the campaign is targeting the right people, information is relevant and the images are capturing and highly optimized. This guide will show you how to setup a Facebook marketing campaign that will deliver the best return on your investment.

Step 1: Choose the right editor and the ideal campaign objective

Facebook offers Ads manager and Power Editor as the tools for creating marketing campaigns. The Ads Manager is the most appropriate for most companies while the Power Editor is suitable for larger advertisers running a variety of campaigns.

You also need to choose the most appropriate objective for the campaign. The question that you should answer in determining the objective is why you are running the campaign. It could be to send people to your website, get page likes or raising attendance at an event among others. Facebook offers 10 different objectives that you can choose from.

Step 2: Define your audience

Who would you like to reach with your campaign? Facebook offers a wide range of target audience, which can be confusing especially for beginners who may need to experiment with different target options. The right target group should align with your marketing campaign objective. For example, if the objective is to create awareness, you should focus more on a general audience. If you are looking for a more specific objective like selling, you should focus your campaign on people who will likely buy. Some of the popular target options include geography, connections, precise interests, gender and age among others.

Step 3: Define your Pricing and Budget

From the advanced options, you can set your campaign on a daily budget or a lifetime budget. The daily budget option is suitable if you would like the campaign to run continuously throughout the day. The lifetime budget option lets you specify the duration of time you would like the campaign to run.

You also need to define your pricing structure. Facebook offers CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per 1000 times the ad is displayed) pricing model. The pricing model will affect the cost of the campaign and thus, you should choose wisely.

You also need to set the campaign delivery mode. Your campaign can be delivered in either the standard or accelerated way. The accelerated delivery helps your campaign reach your audience quickly and it is suitable for time sensitive ads while the standard delivery shows your ad throughout the day.

Step 4: Create and launch your ad

When creating your ad, it is important that you stick with the original objective. You should also pay much attention to the content and image of the ad. The image should capture the attention of the viewers while the content should encourage viewers to click the ad.

In addition to adhering to the set guidelines, you should ensure that the information on your ad is aligned with the content of the landing page to increase the conversion rate. You should then review and launch your campaign. Launching the ads campaign as a news feed is proving more popular. You should also closely monitor the campaign to ensure everything is working properly.

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